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8 days
Florence, Tuscany, Umbria and Rome

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America’s Cup Sailing

3-hour sail for 10 on a
historic 12 Meter yacht

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America's Cup l2m Sailing
Ending in: 8 days 16 hours 10 minutes 12 seconds
$3,500.00 USD
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Set sail from the Delamar Hotel Dock in Greenwich under the guidance of experienced sailors and get a chance to crew the Freedom (US-30) or the Lionheart (K-18) British Challenger in the Long Island Sound. Enjoy a 3-hour “hands on” or leisurely “hands off” – off-shore experience! – No experience necessary!

On the Long Island Sound, the 12m Yacht Development Foundation coaches day adventurers of all experience levels in the art of sailing. Their ultra-exclusive fleet is comprised of Freedom, the beautifully restored winner of the 1980 America’s Cup in Newport, and Lionheart, the British Challenger, an ultra-light aluminum racing sloop that competed in the same race.

For parties of up to 10 guests, you can go on a sailing lesson, where you’ll tour the beautiful Connecticut coastline and learn the fundamentals of speed yachting. Take over the helm, grinders, sails and navigation of an America’s Cup yacht as you complete a time trial along the Connecticut and Long Island coasts.

Sailing season is May 30 through November 15 to accommodate your schedule
No expiration date

Special thanks to Patrick Sikorski for his generous support.